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Two elderly women stand on a stage in dresses, each leaning on a walker.
© Peter Pöschl | Tanz- & Theaterwerkstatt e. V., Ensemble Zartbitter, 2023

Centre for Creative Ageing and Inclusive Arts

We offer advice and training on cultural education in old age and inclusive culture. We award funding for projects that enable cultural participation in old age. We also do research and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

News from kubia

A woman wearing white gloves stands next to a man holding a cane for the blind and also wearing white gloves. He is touching a brass-coloured relief in the shape of a head on a richly decorated mantelpiece.
  • 18/10/2023

EU project “Culture without Barriers”: Final visit to Poland

From 2021 till 2023, kubia was a transnational partner of the German-Polish EU project. As part of the project, Annalena Knors (Corporate Inclusion) and Lisette Reuter (Un-Label), led by kubia staff member Annette Ziegert, developed a procedural model for accessibility at publicly funded cultural institutions in Poland, the publication was published in 2024. In September 2023, the team travelled to Warsaw for final talks.
A man and a woman, ibk board member Benjamin Thele and kubia director Almuth Fricke, press a large green button together.
  • 09/10/2023

Relaunch: kubia has a new website

The new website focuses on kubia's core tasks with a modernised design as well as page and menu structure. The accessibility of the website was a central concern during the relaunch.
A bridge pier made of concrete with graffiti on it with the inscription "Alt - Jung - Oma gegen rechts" ("Old - Young - Grandma against the right")
  • 04/10/2023

Bridges between generations: Literary-geragogical projects in Argentina

In the Argentinian online magazine "Meridional", kubia staff member Dr. Miriam Haller writes about her literary-geragogical exchange with the Argentinian professor of Latin American literature at the University of Neuquén Dr. Laura Pollastri about the project "Narrating Grandparents".

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Current issue of our magazine

The magazine cover shows a photo of an older man wearing a Laurel and Hardy T-shirt with the inscription "Laurel & Hardy Museum Solingen" and a bowler hat in the style of the comedy duo. He is holding a statue of Oliver Hardy's head in his hands and other Laurel and Hardy figures, posters etc. can be seen in the background.
  • Magazin
  • 2023

Chambers of Wonder – Inclusive and age-friendly museum work

The 25th issue of kubia magazine focusses on museums and examines their relationship with older people, the accessibility of their offerings and their quality standards.

Our mission

kubia promotes equal cultural activity and participation of people with different preconditions and circumstances. Because cultural education and creative activities are an important key to quality of life and social participation.

Photomontage with elderly lady juggling colourful buttons.
© Selfiegrafen | Lebensbilder, 2019


We award funding for exemplary cultural education projects with old people and provide information about other funding opportunities.

Current articles

An elderly woman and an elderly man stand next to each other and make dance movements with their hands.
  • Discourse

Cultural education in old age

This basic article explains what cultural education is and why it is also important in old age.

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