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We offer extensive information on cultural education in old age and inclusive cultural work and make it available in articles, publications and in our magazine “Kulturräume+“.

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An elderly woman and an elderly man stand next to each other and make dance movements with their hands.
  • Discourse

Cultural education in old age

This basic article explains what cultural education is and why it is also important in old age.


Cover of Manifesto Long Live Arts with a photo of elderly people on a dance floor
  • Book
  • 2016

Long Live Arts Manifesto – Feel the Arts!

in 2014, the European initiative "Long Live Arts" was founded for the cultural participation of older people. Together, the Long Live Arts Manifesto for more cultural participation was formulated and approaches from practice, research, further education and cultural policy from the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and North Rhine-Westphalia were presented.


The magazine cover shows a photo of an older man wearing a Laurel and Hardy T-shirt with the inscription "Laurel & Hardy Museum Solingen" and a bowler hat in the style of the comedy duo. He is holding a statue of Oliver Hardy's head in his hands and other Laurel and Hardy figures, posters etc. can be seen in the background.
  • Magazin
  • 2023

Chambers of Wonder – Inclusive and age-friendly museum work

The 25th issue of kubia magazine focusses on museums and examines their relationship with older people, the accessibility of their offerings and their quality standards.

Cover Kulturräume+ 24/2023. photo by Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth from the series "Eyes as Big as Plates" with the face of an old man seemingly covered with shells, making him part of the rocky landscape surrounding him.
  • Magazin
  • 2023

Natural! Creative Ageing and Sustainability

This issue of Kulturräume+ asks what cultural education and inclusive cultural work for and with older people can contribute to more careful use of natural resources.

Cover Kulturräume+ 23/2022. photo by Enda Burke from the series "Homebound with my parents". a man and a woman in pink sit at a table drinking pink cocktails from straws. background turquoise patterned wallpaper.
  • Magazin
  • 2022

Together but different – Intergenerational Encounters in the Arts

This issue of Kulturräume+ is about the dialogue between generations and how it can be promoted through cultural education.

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Almuth Fricke


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Christoph Brammertz