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The kubia team

Get to know the people who work for kubia and find out what they are responsible for.

Almuth Fricke holds red cables in her hands
Portrait photo of Almuth Fricke in a yellow blouse against a turquoise background

Almuth Fricke

Management and Executive Board | Editor-in-Chief Kulturräume+ | International Cooperations

Almuth Fricke is a literary scholar (M.A.) and graduate cultural manager. Since 2007, she has headed the Institut für Bildung und Kultur e. V. (ibk), where she founded kubia in 2008. She has developed numerous research projects, some of them international, and model projects on cultural education and participation in old age. She is also co-founder and subject leader of the certificate course in cultural geragogy at Münster University of Applied Sciences and is a member of numerous cultural policy committees.

Woman with curly hair wearing blue shirt in front of orange background. It is raining banknotes.
Woman with curly hair wearing blue shirt against orange background

Imke Nagel

Training and project funding

Imke Nagel holds a degree in cultural education and is a certified cultural geragogue. She has been working as an education officer at kubia since 2015 and is responsible for our cultural geragogical training programs and the Fonds Kulturelle Bildung im Alter.

Miriam Haller looks through a large magnifying glass.
Portrait of Miriam Haller

Miriam Haller

research | magazine editor Kulturräume+ phil. Miriam Haller is an educational and cultural scientist with a focus on age(s). Since 2019, she is responsible for research at kubia and is part of the editorial team of Kulturräume+ Das kubia-Magazin. Previously, she managed the Guest and Senior Studies as well as the Center for Aging Studies (CEfAS) of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Cologne.

ortrait of Isabell Rosenberg with dark hair and glasses in a wheelchair, knocking away red and white traffic pylons
Portrait of Isabell Rosenberg, smiling, with dark hair and glasses in wheelchair, against magenta background

Isabell Rosenberg

Consulting | Arts and accessibility

Isabell Rosenberg is a literary and cultural scientist (B.A.). Since 2022, she has been advising actors from the cultural sector at kubia on the topics of accessibility, inclusion, and participation. Previously, she worked in the supplementary, independent participation counseling (EUTB®) and advised people with disabilities and their relatives about social and professional participation. She gained stage experience as a performer at the Bürgerbühne Düsseldorf.

Portrait of Annette Ziegert against an orange background. She is wearing glasses and a green-grey turtleneck jumper. Above her head a hand holding a light bulb
Portrait of Annette Ziegert with glasses, dark blond hair and a grey turtleneck jumper in front of an orange background

Annette Ziegert

Conception and Consulting | Arts and accessibility

Annette Ziegert is an art historian (M.A.) and has been working as a research associate at kubia since 2016. With a view to the aspect of disability, she supports cultural organizations in North Rhine-Westphalia through consulting, training, and networking on the path to equal opportunities, educational equity, and accessibility.

Christoph Brammertz speaks into a megaphone.
Portrait of Christoph Brammertz in yellow sweater against blue background

Christoph Brammertz

Communication and Public Relations

Christoph Brammertz is a communications scientist (M.A.), online editor and social media manager. He has been responsible for kubia’s public relations since 2022. Previously, he was a public relations officer at the German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning (Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung – BKJ).

Porträt von Susanne Lenz in grün-grauem ärmellosen Oberteil vor orange-farbenem Hintergrund

Susanne Lenz

Newsletter and website editor

Susanne Lenz, who studied musicology, Latin philology and Romance studies, works as a cultural manager with a focus on press and public relations for various, mostly public clients. For ten years, she was in charge of the platform Theatergold – Forum for Theater in Old Age in NRW at kubia. She is currently responsible for the kubia newsletter.

Azina Barzideh with a slide rule in her hands
Portrait of Azina Barzideh against a magenta background

Azina Barzideh

Financial accounting and office management

Azina Barzideh holds a degree in business administration (FH). In addition to office organization, course administration and financial accounting, she is in charge of the administration of the Fonds Kulturelle Bildung im Alter at kubia.

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