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  • 2022

Together but different – Intergenerational Encounters in the Arts

Kulturräume+ Das kubia-Magazin #23

The climate crisis, Covid-19 and demographic change: many social transformation processes of our time are discussed as generational conflicts. So there is a need for discussion between younger and older people. However, many children and young people grow up at a great distance from their grandparents. In only six percent of households do over-65s live together with younger people. When the opportunities for everyday contact between the generations dwindle, arranged encounters are needed. With joint art, dance, theater, media and other cultural projects, cultural education offers a wide range of opportunities to promote intergenerational dialogue. In this issue of Kulturräume+, we therefore focus on intergenerational cultural education. Scholarly articles by Miriam Haller on generational distinctions in cultural education, by Julia Franz, Claudia Kühn and Annette Scheunpflug on the intergenerational transmission of cultural knowledge in rural areas and by Mendina Scholte-Reh on “Social Granfluencers” open the discussion. Articles about the intergenerational activities of the Lesebürger*innen in Münsterland, about the Children’s Opera Cologne, which connects people with dementia and children through music, and about the theater  project “A Question of Age” provide insights into practice. All of them encourage people to learn with, from and about each other in cultural projects and to challenge mutual prejudices in the process. A photo series shows the creative ways in which Irishman Enda Burke spent the lockdown in his childhood home. He presents his parents in an ironic and shrill way.


  • Mission Possible. “Ergänzungsmittel Barrierefreiheit” for more cultural participation – Isabell Rosenberg
  • Homebound with my Parents … On the photographs by Enda Burke in this issue – Helga Bergers


  • Un/Doing Generations. Generational Differences in Intergenerational Cultural Education – Miriam Haller
  • All DIY Happiness. Favorite piece: the macramé flower hanging basket – Miriam Haller
  • “But you need someone to make it stop.” Intergenerational transmission and negotiation of culture in the countryside – Julia Franz, Claudia Kühn and Annette Scheunpflug
  • Social Granfluencers … Images of Age and Generations in Social Media – Mendina Scholte-Reh
  • Building Bridges! The Reading Citizens* of Hülshoff Castle – Dominik Renneke
  • Unisono. An intergenerational project at the Cologne Opera – Stephanie Sonnenschein
  • Not so scary. The project “A question of age” of the free theater collective Sowas in der Art – Christoph Brammertz


  • Intergenerational bridge builder and portraitist. The filmmaker and photographer Anna Hepp – Imke Nagel
  • Shared responsibility. A conversation with Sara Kuusi, Planner for Culture in Older Age at the City of Helsinki – Almuth Fricke


  • Intergenerational community work. Film tip: Misafir Çalisir Mi – Imke Nagel
  • The hot wire of the generations. Inspiration tip: The Cologne chatterbox – Helga Bergers

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The magazine cover shows a photo of an older man wearing a Laurel and Hardy T-shirt with the inscription "Laurel & Hardy Museum Solingen" and a bowler hat in the style of the comedy duo. He is holding a statue of Oliver Hardy's head in his hands and other Laurel and Hardy figures, posters etc. can be seen in the background.
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Cover Kulturräume+ 24/2023. photo by Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth from the series "Eyes as Big as Plates" with the face of an old man seemingly covered with shells, making him part of the rocky landscape surrounding him.
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