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  • 2023

Natural! Creative Ageing and Sustainability

Kulturräume+ Das kubia-Magazin #24

The need to change the way we think and act in order to preserve our livelihoods concerns all generations – and is increasingly finding expression on stages, in exhibitions and in works of art. For good reason: Those who deal creatively and artistically with an abstract topic such as sustainability have sensory experiences that go beyond a purely cognitive preoccupation. Cultural educational opportunities can make room for contradictions and irritations. Traditional thought patterns such as the belief in eternal growth are questioned. Why are intergenerational and inclusive settings particularly suitable for such educational processes in the sense of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)? What do intergenerational teaching methods look like that encourage unlearning of environmentally harmful habits? In addition, the concept of “green care” is a topic, because the positive effects of nature can be used to promote or maintain the health of people. The appropriate practical example is provided by cultural geragogue Petra Kellermann, who organizes outdoor cultural afternoons for people with dementia. A photo series shows works by photographers Karoline Hjorth from Norway and Riitta Ikonen from Finland. Their photos of older people around the world tell of the metamorphoses of lived life and nudge us toward human connectedness with nature.



  • Transformation through Irritation. Cultural education as an intergenerational practice for social transformation processes – Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand-Weiss
  • Favorite piece: “Retirement T-shirt” for the garden. – Helga Bergers
  • More than petting and watering. A look into the complex world of Green Care – Dorit van Meel
  • Unlearning and Transforming. Ecologically oriented intergenerational art education – Cynthia Gavranic and Maren Ziese
  • Buket means bouquet of flowers. KAT18 artists* Buket Isgören and Daniel Scislowski and “Green Modernism” at Cologne’s Museum Ludwig – Annette Ziegert
  • The older you get, the bigger the bouquets. “Blooming Landscapes” by the Altentanztheater Zartbitter from Ludwigsburg – Almuth Fricke
  • Eco prints on the move. The cult tour dementia in the Bergisches Land – Nina Lauterbach-Dannenberg



  • “Live in Peace or Leave the Galaxy”. Film and book tip on the occasion of the death of Mary Bauermeister – Miriam Haller
  • Grandma Trude promotes sustainability. Web Tip: Germany #NoFilter – Christoph Brammertz

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The magazine cover shows a photo of an older man wearing a Laurel and Hardy T-shirt with the inscription "Laurel & Hardy Museum Solingen" and a bowler hat in the style of the comedy duo. He is holding a statue of Oliver Hardy's head in his hands and other Laurel and Hardy figures, posters etc. can be seen in the background.
  • Magazin
  • 2023

Chambers of Wonder – Inclusive and age-friendly museum work

The 25th issue of kubia magazine focusses on museums and examines their relationship with older people, the accessibility of their offerings and their quality standards.

Cover Kulturräume+ 23/2022. photo by Enda Burke from the series "Homebound with my parents". a man and a woman in pink sit at a table drinking pink cocktails from straws. background turquoise patterned wallpaper.
  • Magazin
  • 2022

Together but different – Intergenerational Encounters in the Arts

This issue of Kulturräume+ is about the dialogue between generations and how it can be promoted through cultural education.

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